9 truths about wilderness camping

Wild camping is a term used when camping in a public place and without camping structure. It can be in the forest, beach, mountain peak or even in some urban environment. The place is the choice of who goes camping and has no infrastructure like bathroom, shower, stove, and refrigerator.

The intent of wild camping can vary according to the interest of each. Being of the economy, to have more contact with nature or to make long-distance trails.

Despite the lack of structure, there are several camping types of equipment that help to stay comfortable and safe in the wild camping. In addition to the tent, equipment such as the flashlight, sleeping bag, thermal insulation, tarpaulin, stove, and others.  Here is a good store to consider for all your camping adventure needs – check out LEVX Leisure.

First of all, you should get as much information about the conditions and where you are going: Is it hot? Cold? Close to the beach? In the mountains? How many days will you be there? Are there any mosquitos? Are there any dangerous animals? This information is essential to define the equipment and accessories that you will need. And today, in times of the Internet, it is very easy to do basic research on the destination of your trip.

That said, let’s check out the 9 truths about what a wild camp is like!

1- Wild camping is economical

Saving with the stay is an excellent advantage, since often what makes the most expensive trips are the lodging. That’s why many of the backpackers who run the world for some time are always with a tent tied up in the backpack to be used whenever possible or even when the money starts to run out.

Sometimes the rate at a hotel is the same as a week’s worth of grocery or the entrance of some unmissable attraction. So there are many backpackers who choose to do wild camping from time to time for the sheer economy. Just be careful not to do this in a prohibited or unauthorized area.

2- The trails are more tiring, because of the weight of the equipment

It is quite common for people to resort to the wilderness camp to make longer trails, such as crossings. When it is not possible to finish the trail in just one day and the place does not have structured camping, the solution is to make camping wild.

The routine ends up being to walk, to camp, to walk and again to camp, often for several days. So another fact about wild camping is that the trails will be heavier since it is necessary to carry a lot of equipment. You cannot leave behind the care accessories like sunscreen, repellent, and medicines; or comfort as a thermal insulation, sleeping bag, coat, and sock; or food and utensils for food such as a stove, mini pans, fork, knife, etc.

3 – Has no electricity

If you have decided that you want to do a wild camping, do not forget that this is an extremely restricted adventure. There will not be wifi, light or no energy at all. Take photos of your phone or camera only in the first few days or if you have a portable charger because if you go to stay many days it will all unload.

Incidentally, if the area is very isolated it is very likely that your cell phone is without the signal, which is great to give the disconnected one of the modern world and leave our minds more loose to feel the pleasures of life outdoors.

So different from when you go to private camping, you can leave the electric extension at home and enjoy the pleasures of a world without technologies.

4- Bath only if you have a pond or waterfall

… or at sea. Bathing is luxury in wild camping since it does not always have a lake, a waterfall or even the sea (which we agree maybe even worse). If you have, celebrate! Just remember to not let yourself shower very late because these freshwater lakes and waterfalls are usually very cold and it is not good to get cold at night.

If you do not have a way to wet yourself wherever you go, be sure to bring wet wipes or even reserve some water just for that. The handkerchiefs are essential and certainly make you feel a little cleaner. In case of water, save as much as possible, trying to reuse the same water from the face on the feet.

5- The food has to be well planned

Forget the perishable or very complicated foods to prepare. Canned like tuna, salmon, corn, and peas are excellent choices and they do not spoil. Salami and sausage are also good choices, along with bars, crackers, and fruits that do not knead like orange and apple.

If you want to make more elaborate and enhanced food, invest in a portable stove, although slower than a conventional stove, it makes for good food in the same way.

6- Without bathroom

Do not forget to take a shovel, because it is with her that you will “do your toilet”. The most unpleasant part of wilderness camp is to do the necessities. There is no way to avoid it, whatever your need, it will have to be made in the bush.

Nature will not mind. Get away from the group, take the shovel with you, dig a hole and then bury.

A bit primitive is not it? Yes, no one said that moving away from the modern world would be easy.

7- The brightness of the stars and the moon are much stronger and visible

This is the most incredible part!

When the sun goes down, the moon and stars appear, being the only ones to illuminate the darkness of the place. This is one of the best ways to see the stars well, because it may not seem so, but the city lights dim their brightness.

It’s a unique opportunity to contemplate how beautiful our universe is, usually, the rush of everyday life makes people forget to look up from time to time and plunge into that distant world that is space and stars.

8- Animals and insects will be around

Insects are already very much part of our daily life, of course when we go to the “middle of the bush” the contact is much greater. Animals are not so accustomed to us, except for our pets. So be very careful not to camp in dangerous animals area. Avoid unnecessary risk in places that are not suitable for wild camping.

9- Peace is wonderful.

Wild camping is an opportunity to really enjoy nature. Enjoy all the tranquility, calm and peace she has to offer! If you stop to pay attention to every sound it emits, you will hear birds, crickets, the noise of the water and the sound of the wind in the leaves. Enjoy to meditate or simply relax, leave everything behind and live the moment.

Remember that camping is not just an adventure. It can be an option and a lifestyle. With the right accessories, you can have enough comfort and security to make your trip unforgettable. Not because of the difficulties you have experienced, but because of the pleasure and close contact with nature provided by the act of camping.

So if you are looking for a haven to rest, go and enjoy a wild camping. Enjoy the stars, the moon, the song of the birds, the tranquility, the clean air and the absence of communication. Even science has already pointed out that contact with nature is good for health!