June 2nd 2011

After a highly successful show season this past winter I have been invited to do seminars all over the country in the coming year. Below is a list of High Country Mule Deer Seminars I will be doing this summer. If you have an interest in having me come out and speak at your event, drop me a note at

Cabela's Archery Event Grand Junction, Co July 9&10 2011
Bass Pro Shops Fall hunting Classic Denver, CO August 13 & 14 2011

Here is what some people have had to say about my Bowhunting High Country Mule Deer seminar.


Marc, Me and a couple of my buddies attended your seminar. Nice job on the presentation and congrats on so many fine bucks. I still don't have a mature buck after 6 yrs of hitting the hills with my bow. I've blown it enough to admire your ability to get it done. Mountain Time -

Marc, I sat in on your seminar on Friday. I thought you did a great job! If you don't mind, I might want to pick your brain sometime for Colorado unit choices. Koby -

Great seminar, you've got me fired up and ready to go. I hope to use what I learned this fall. Nebo4x4 -

Great seminar and very informative! Realized how little I knew on many of the subjects. bulletbusiness -

Hey mark. Enjoyed the seminar. I was trying to remember the boot manufacturer you liked. I just resoled my second pair of Mendle's and I think it is time to try something new. Thanks for your great advice. cantclosethedeal -

Marc, I had the opportunity to attend the seminar that you put on at the ISE show this past Saturday. I have attended numerous seminars at this show over the past few years. I truly believe this was one of the best. I really took a lot from you. Thanks so much for your insight. Maybe I'll see you on the mountain some time. Richard- Johnstown,CO

From Email

I would also like to express my appreciation at meeting a real hunter. I am sure that you get a lot of praise when speaking at shows and this may be just another pat on the back but I take my "hunting hobby" seriously. It has been rare for me to meet someone who hunts these days. Most people that I see or talk to or read about are what I like to call "phunters". This is the term that I use when money is used to get an animal and I see as pretend hunting or faux hunting. It is more prevalent with whitetail hunting since you can buy a trip and get stuck in a stand without knowing anything about where you are or why you are there but just shooting when something comes by. I am a blue collar guy myself and will never be able to afford a guided hunt and I think that part is fine with me. I would rather do my own hunting than pay someone to hunt for me and then pay to shoot whatever it is. Most advice that I hear really doesn't help a real hunter since you can circumvent any skill involved by paying the right amount. So what I would like to say is that I was surprised and honored to meet someone who hunts. J.L

January 4th 2011

I am proud to announce I am the Newest member of Bugling Bulls Game Calls Prostaff. I saw an Idaho phone number show up on my cell phone New Years Eve and I could not belive it was Rocky Jacobsen on the other end. Rocky is the Founder and Owner of Bugling Bull Game Calls Located in Kamiah, Idaho. I look forward to representing Bugling Bull as I believe in their brand and products. Look for good things to come, big bulls are going down! See ya at the shows! Marc

Bivy Camp

Sept 2nd 2010

Check out Marc's latest article at "Gearing Up for the Backcountry"

August 3rd 2010

Join us Saturday August 21st at 5:00 PM at Bill Pellegrino's Archery Hut. 6325 East Platte Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80915

Pellegrinos-Archery-Hut-Seminar-Poster I will be holding my last seminar before the 2010 Colorado Deer and Elk archery season opener. Join us for an exciting evening of Mule Deer Bowhunting excitement! Bring your bow and come early to get some shooting in and to pick up those last minute items!

See Ya there!

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March 25 2010


The 2009 Navajo Youth Hunt was a huge success. The kids enjoyed a wonderful weekend of hunting. Many deer were harvested and many lessons were learned. Check out their photos at Wild Country Outdoors was a proud sponsor of the 2009 hunt and we look forward to supporting them again in 2010. Marc

Jan 20, 2010

Want to see the baddest Bow ever made? Check out the latest video from Hoyt! Hoyt Carbon Matrix Torture Test Preview (1 of 4 Part Series) The all-new Hoyt Carbon Matrix proves that it is not only the most technically advanced and innovative bow in archery, it is also the toughest. The results speak for themselves.

Marc Smith - Ameristep Prostaff

December 20th, 2009

Marc is proud to announce he is the first "Western" member of the Ameristep Pro Staff. Marc has teamed up with the folks at Ameristep, manufacturers of the original screw in tree steps and amazing line of light weight Tree Stands, Ground Blinds, Safety Harnesses and accessories. For a complete listing of Ameristep products check out their web at

2009 Mule Deer

Hoyt Hunt Journal Team Hoyt's Marc Smith and friends team up
and tag out on Arizona mulies!

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July 24th, 2009Youth Hunt

Wild Country Outdoors is a proud sponsor of the 2009 Navajo Nation Youth Hunt. 20 lucky youngsters are selected from the annual essay contest to take part in the annual Special Youth Mule deer hunt. Marc and the Wild Country Outdoors crew are proud to be a sponsor of the 2009 event and will have pictures and an update in the Fall at the conclusion of the hunt. If you are interested in helping out check out their web at GOOD LUCK KIDS!




Q&A with Marc Smith Marc Smith 2007 Bull

A conversation with Team Hoyt's blue collar, backcountry bowhunting guru

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Join Marc in Farmington New Mexico, Saturday June 13th at Xpert Archery. Xpert Archery is the premier full line archery and bowhuntingheadquarters of the Four Corners region. They are located at 5925 E. Main Street in Farmington, NM. Start the day shooting 3-D's at the Flora Vista Range and then join Marc atXpertArchery for an informative and entertaining seminar on BowhuntingWestern Big Game on public lands.Learn tips on hunting, calling and research. There will be Awesome gear give aways from sponsors suchas Hoyt, FUSE, Badlands Packs, Primos Calls, Rocket Broadheads, Eastmans' Bowhunting and Hunting Journals, Montana Decoys, and much, much more.Check back for 3-D shoot details. With questions email us at or call the folks at Xpert Archery (505) 325-5544.

We'll see you there!


April 28, 2009 Lane Farris


After a seemingly endless journey, my good buddy Lane Farris downed his first long beard with a bow! Lane has put the time in the blind with his father Danny for the past few years. Though there have been a few close calls he just never had that perfect shot. Well last week it all came together and a big old Colorado Tom bit the dust. Lane's Brothers; Casey and Austin had their chances early and made good with their trusty .20 gauge. But for O'l Lane, it was a bow-kill or nothing! This level of determination is that of a seasoned Veteran, Lane is only 11 but he is one savvy turkey hunter and archer, keep your eye on this little guy!

Lane.... I commend you, you are my hero bud!

On another note, my buddies over at are steadily "bringing it" every month to their on-lineOutback Outdoors Video series. Catch the latest action as Adam Wells chase a Colorado mountain lion, this one ends pretty dang cool! The Outback team catches the true essence of the hunt, quality footage, careful editing and stellar content is what seperates these guys from the rest. Webasode 3 will be up soon and the turkey action is well wort the wait!

Good hunting


April 20, 2009


Marc Smith 2009 Turkey Season
What used to be a "hunt when convenient" outing has turned out to be a year long anticipation. I take turkey hunting quite serious these days, matter of a fact an example of this was the Colorado season opener this year. My good friend; Jace Bauserman and I left the trail head at 3:00 AM. The two and a half hour hike in the dark to the remote canyonlands put plenty of distance between us and the weekend warriors. At daybreak we discovered our set-up was near perfect as the gobblers were sounding off just a hundred yards up river. As we glassed the huge ancient cottonwoods, we counted more than 20 Merriam's turkeys on their roost. Just after Sun-up the birds were on the ground and headed our way. I connected on a long beard at 8:00 AM and Jace connected later in the evening as we intercepted birds headed back to their roost. For the rest of this story go to ,Video will be up soon!

Good luck this turkey season and stay safe!


March 19th 2009 T-Bone

Man I am getting pumped for the upcomiong 2009 season. I have been shooting my new Hoyt AlphaMax 32 "Lights Out"!! Also shooting like a champ is my son Travis. He has struggled for years with his archery but it's all coming together for him now. Just last week he was out shooting his target rig, Hoyt Pro Elite and shot a Robinhood in the bulls-eye at 40 yards. He is solid as a rock T-Boneand shooting great form. As a result of his new found confidence, Travis has opted to hunt the High Country with me this year. I can't wait to get above the clouds in Colorado Backcountry in September and watch T-Bone smoke down his first bow buck with his trusty Hoyt Ultratec.

I'll keep you posted!





Feb 7 ,2009

I am very excited to announce that I am back with Rocket Aeroheads! Since the acquisition of Rocket back in 2004 by Trophy Ridge I have been shooting different brands and styles of broadheads. I have since made good pals with Rocket Marketing Manager; Ross Rinehart. Ross and I hit it off right away and now have a great working relationship. I cant wait to put the already proven 3 blade Meat Seeker and the new 2" two blade 100 grain Meat Seeker to good use this coming season. Check them out at


Good shooting! Marc

Jan 13,2009

Marc's friends Darin Cooper and John Dudley have launched their new web ( Double D Bowhunting is a team of cutting edge, top shelf archers out getting it done in the back country. Their DVD is already a huge hit with western hunters and is swiftly making it's way back east. This is not just another "Whack-em and Stack'em" video. You will hear great tips on shooting, tree-stands, hunting, fitness, nutrition and judging distance from legendary bowhunter Randy Ulmer, world class target archer Danny McCarthy, and others. Buy the video that will change the industry, DD - The Cutting Edge.

And the sons of Ulam were Mighty men of valor, Archers, and had many sons, and son's sons, an hundred and fifty. All these are the sons of Benjamin.
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